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Dr. Montserrat

My name is Montserrat Rodriguez, mother of 2 born in Venezuela  and living in United States since 2003

I am a Doctor specialist in Internal Medicine and Gastroterology with 20 years of experience ( graduated in Venezuela )

Personally I've been struggling with pre diabetic condition, hypothyroidism, overweight for  most of my life and in 2004 after being in contact with naturopathic medicine and holistic nutrition I discovered the healing power of the foods in my own body. I lost 35 pounds and healed my self from all my chronic conditions just by changing my eating habits and lifestyle… since then my life changed forever.

After that experience I decided to become a nutritionist and graduated in 2009 in Kaplan University during that time I went to the most prestigious school of Nutrition in New York and studied all  the dietetic theories by getting in contact with the most famous masters in  integrative nutrition in United States ( such as: Mark Hyman, Andrew Weil, David Katz, David Wolf, Deepak Chopra , Dr Oz, among others) Being a doctor with a comprehensive education in nutrition traditional and holistic, gave me a different vision of my career.

When I finished my studies I founded "GEA Nutrition SPA" and "DR MONTSERRAT NUTRITION EXPERTS" where I’ve worked with my patients and helping them to get a healthy weight and heal from other conditions related with bad nutrition.

I worked also as a host in a Radio Talk show "CUERPO Y FIGURA” aired at Cristina Radio Network  channel 153 Sirius XM . I am also the nutrition expert in other local radio and TV stations

I write for specialized blogs about therapeutic nutrition and weight loss

My passion is to work as a nutritional coach and motivator for individuals, families and corporations .