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Ernesto Balance

Ernesto Balance
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach (NESTA)
Expert in body Transformation

My name is Ernesto Gaona a.k.a. Ernesto Balance; I have been part of the fitness and nutrition industry for over 30 years.
Seven years ago I decided to once again transform my body and improve my health by eating balanced and delicious meals that included super foods combined with an exercise regimen that I created. After seeing the positive transformation I started helping my friends and family, then my clients and followers but I always wanted the Balance Message to reach more people, so I reached out to Latin TV networks and during the last four years I’ve been appearing in several Spanish TV channels, where I speak about nutrition and exercise.   
After doing several shows beginning 2012, Buenos Dias L.A. Telemundo offered me a weekly segment which I did for about 3 years, and at the beginning of 2013 I started a weekly segment on Mundo fox. I also give seminars, Cooking Demos and speak about nutrition at different venues such as the Mexican and Guatemalan consulate, Health fairs.

One of the greatest opportunities for spreading the Balance message came from speaking on  the radio when I started a weekly segment on the # 1 radio show at the time!  “El Show del Mandril”. The response was incredible!!