HUGE Benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oil

HUGE Benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oil

Remember when there was a big buzz around Omega-3 Fish Oil and all of the different benefits that getting enough in your diet would have on your health?

It seemed like there was information everywhere.

Even though some other products are creating more of a buzz now, it doesn’t dismiss the fact that getting enough Omega-3 in your diet can be life changing!

First off, what is Omega-3 and how do we get it?

Omega-3 fatty acids are derived from food. 

They can't be manufactured in the body. 

Fish oil contains two omega-3s called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). 

These acids can actually reduce inflammation, therefore reduce pain and improve stiffness and joint tenderness…

Another awesome benefit of Omega-3 and fish oil is that it can help fight against depression. 

Studies have actually shown that people with depression have lower levels of Omega-3’s in their cells. 

So smile and take your fish oil to help ward off depression!

Although there are a ton more benefits of an adequate amount of Omega-3’s in your diet such as helping with the symptoms of pms, aiding in weight loss, improving skin health, eye health, reduce liver fat, improve attention and hyperactivity in children, prevent symptoms of mental decline…

The last one that I want to point out today is how Omega-3 Fish Oil can help your heart by reducing triglycerides…

This helps slow the buildup of plaque, reduce risk of arrhythmias, lower heart rate, blood pressure and improve the health of blood vessels…

Some of these exact benefits actually also help protect the brain!

Omega-3 Fish Oil should always be in your daily intake. 

If you don’t think you’re getting enough in your fish, nuts, etc - you should consider a supplement. 

Fish oil may not be the sexiest supplement on the market, but it’s definitely a staple!

Here’s to your health!

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