Can't Supreme Greens help me lose weight?

Supreme Greens is an enhanced and organically-grown food formulation, combining vegetables, grains, grasses, herbs, sprouts and antioxidants to load each serving with the nutritional value of two pounds (2 lbs) of fresh vegetables. With such incredible nutritional value, it is possible to reduce your meal consumption, which may result in weight loss. Supreme Greens’ special formula also alkalizes the body to assist in losing weight and breaking down body fat.

Who should be consuming Supreme Greens?

Supreme Greens is for anyone and everyone who is concerned about his/her health and the nutrient deficiency in the average daily diet. Research shows that most of our population does not obtain the recommended three-five servings of vegetables per day. Adding Supreme Greens to your diet can help you receive the necessary daily nutritional value.

When Should I take Supreme Greens?

The optimal time to takeSupreme Greens is in the morning on an empty stomach. Unlike most other greens products, Supreme greens is available in powder form and in capsule form making it convenient to take anytime and anywhere.

Can I take Supreme Greens if I'm pregnant?

Many expectant women have taken supreme greens to ensure they are getting an excellent supply of nutrients from natural and organic sources however, expectant women should always consult with their healthcare professional before taking any supplements.

How does supreme greens taste?

Supreme Greens has a natural and refreshing minty taste. Natural mint leaves are used instead of fruits or sugars (natural or artificial) like most of out competitors. We receive many compliments on how well Supreme Greens tastes (in purified water especially), when compared to other green food supplements on the market today.

How often should I take Supreme Greens?

Supreme Greens should be taken 2-3 times per day for optimal results. Some health enthusiasts may desire to consume additional doses throughout the day or after a stressful day or strenuous activities to replenish lost nutrients.

Could Supreme Greens interfere with any medication I am taking?

Supreme Greens has not demonstrated to have any side effects with medications. However, we recommend that if you have any concerns, consult with your healthcare professional.

I am allergic to wheat. Will the grasses in supreme greens affect me?

No, our organic grass juice powders are gluten-free, which is a common cause of wheat allergies. Wheatgrass is the first young leaves of the common wheat plant. While it’s a wheat product, wheatgrass does not contain gluten and is safe to consume if you follow a gluten-free diet.

What is the quality of the ingredients in Supreme Greens?

The ingredients in Supreme Greens are of the purest and highest quality available anywhere on earth. All of our ingredients are sourced from farm country in the United States only. Sure, we could get cheaper ingredients from other countries, however it is our goal is to set the standard for nutritional supplements. Learn more about our quality control systems and production process here.

Should I take Supreme Greens daily?

Yes! We recommend taking Supreme Greens every day as a valuable source of daily nutrition.